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Ecological Awakening (Print Edition)

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The vast majority of humanity is asleep. In this sleep, we've done terrible things to the planet that we are part of. This sleep has been the rule, not the exception, for nearly all of history. Our religions, political movements, and other systems we create to establish order only exacerbate the problem and give rise to more chaos and disintegration. Why is this so? How did we end up in this seemingly fallen state, feeling isolated from the natural world and our fellow human beings? 

In this concise volume, Morgan Caraway attempts to delve to the very heart of our crisis of consciousness and find practical solutions that can be implemented by anyone, anywhere. This book is an equal blend of clear-headed reason, deep ecology, radical environmentalism, and nature-based spirituality and has answers for the head as well as the heart. 

"An enormously important book from Morgan Caraway on the critical intersection between waking up from the illusory separate self and our planetary wellness." - Jen Peer Rich, author of "So Be It" and "Friends In Presence"

"Ecological Awakening is a clarion call that leads directly to personal action!" - Pegi Eyers, author of "Ancient Spirit Rising: Reclaiming Your Roots and Restoring Earth Community"

"Ecological Awakening delivers an incredibly important message that needs to be heard now more than ever." - Winston Janusz

"This is having the same effect on me as all of the most influential works I have read: namely, that it feels like hearing what you already held in the core of your being articulated so consummately as to bring it into greater focus within your awareness." - Laird Bishop

"This book points out the common sense connections we have to nature in a beautiful and inspirational way." - Kindle user

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