"What a view of eternity we have. The beauty makes me weep." - these words came to me yesterday as I was walking in the woods near my property. I was hiking down a ridge that I hadn't explored before. I met an astonishingly beautiful tree with an amazing gnome home in the trunk. I touched the bark and tears welled up in my eyes. For me, being in the woods is almost always an experience of instantaneous connection. It's the best therapy I know of. 

I often think about inner-city youth--they were raised in a concrete jungle, surrounded by the artificial human values of money, greed, and isolation. Is it any wonder that so many get involved in mind-numbing, addictive drugs and crime? A human disconnected from nature is an impossibility, but our naturally evolved talent of abstract-thinking certainly allows us to believe we are separate. Our cultures can sell us myths of disconnection, stories of alienation, us against them, and dog eat dog, but the simple fact is that we are all part of this happening of life on Earth and all depend on our environment for survival. I really want to wake people up to this very basic FACT. This is what my book, Ecological Awakening, is about. There is so much beauty when we realize that we are part of it all. Life is incredibly miraculous. If it evolved by chance, the fact of it's existence is no less astonishing than if there were a creator, in fact--it might even be more mind-blowing. Organic compounds that spontaneously gain the trait of sentience is beyond most of the themes we find in fantasy and myth. 

I'm grateful to have access to this medicine of the wild. If you ever feel confused or lost within your self, I suggest giving it a try. Go out into the woods and simply look at the beauty of it all. Let your mind quiet down and realize where you are: the church of nature. It's a very sacred place.